The Wallenberg Dossier wins the 2020 ‘Un Certain Regard’ Literary Award

Davide Amante’s novel Il Dossier Wallenberg is the winner of the 2020 ‘Un Certain Regard’ literary award.

The award – Un Certain Regard, focuses on those novels that have shown a certain gaze, a particular point of view, a new way of seeing on the theme of love and the Shoah. The Wallenberg Dossier is the story of a limitless passion between a man and a woman in wartime.

The Wallenberg Dossier tells a love story lived when young and rediscovered when old, fought beyond time and rules. If the intimate scenes between the two protagonists turn out to be exciting and of great impact, even more exciting is the progressive role of main protagonist that the female character assumes across the novel.

The author’s style is decidedly innovative, modern. The novel touches important themes, particularly complex in an era like ours. The Wallenberg Dossier carries forward an important message of empathy but above all the message that we must become the other’s keepers.