Book Services

DMA Books takes care of each stage of the book production process, from copy editing to marketing. Publishers entrust us either with the entire process or one or more stages of the process.

Our copy editors review the final manuscript for grammar, spelling, and consistency. We correct errors and question anything that isn’t clear in the text. When requested we continuously dialogue with the editor and the author to finalize very detail of the text.
Photography or illustration experts step in when required.

Design and layout
Our creative team and editor determine an overall design direction either coordinating with the publisher’s layout standards or proposing new layout standards.
With books that are art-, photo- or illustration-heavy—such as cookbooks, coffee table books, guides or do-it-yourself books—the author is often looped in during the design process.
This stage ends with a sample book to allow all parties to review the page layout, to feel the appropriateness of art-to-text and to make changes as necessary.
Editor and proofreader step in to review the pages, correct typos and fine-tune the layout.

Printing & Binding
DMA Books offers in-house, reliable, offset printing for high book runs as well as digital printing for low book runs.
The company is able to offer all types of binding services.

Our Marketing department offers a full range of services aimed at promoting you books in local and, when translation applies, in multiple markets.