DMA Books Art galleries & Auction houses catalogues

Have you ever considered high quality printing of your art catalogues with an eye to targeted marketing?
In DMA Books we know that the layout and printing of your catalogues is fundamental to deliver your message to a typically demanding audience. But we are also an international publisher and we know the importance of speaking to the right audience and expanding your reach.
This is why our production and printing of Art galleries and Auction Houses catalogues and books is developed with particular care and is flawless. But there’s one further step we make when you become our client: we ensure you reach not only your traditional audience but an additional global audience of profiled readers and potential new clients. We are a publishing group with magazines and active Media partners. A potential audience of well over 1M profiled readers that adds to your direct audience, who can come in contact with your brand. All this, included in our printing package.
Over 200,000 potential collectors and buyers that you can reach through our magazine’s mailing lists subscribers as well as articles & interviews dedicated to your latest activity.
Contact us if you are interested in this opportunity, we will be happy to talk with you. We print and ship to our clients anywhere in the world.