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Have you ever considered high quality printing of your art catalogues with an eye to targeted marketing?
In DMA Books we know that the layout and printing of your catalogues is fundamental to deliver your message to a typically demanding audience. But we are also an international publisher and we know the importance of speaking to the right audience and expanding your reach.
This is why our production and printing of Art galleries and Auction Houses catalogues and books is developed with particular care and is flawless. But there’s one further step we make when you become our client: we ensure you reach not only your traditional audience but an additional global audience of profiled readers and potential new clients. We are a publishing group with magazines and active Media partners. A potential audience of well over 1M profiled readers that adds to your direct audience, who can come in contact with your brand. All this, included in our printing package.
Over 200,000 potential collectors and buyers that you can reach through our magazine’s mailing lists subscribers as well as articles & interviews dedicated to your latest activity.
Contact us if you are interested in this opportunity, we will be happy to talk with you. We print and ship to our clients anywhere in the world.

DMA Books and DMA International join forces to offer an integrated and efficient marketing service

Starting from January 1, 2022, DMA Books will operate on the market as the Publishing division of DMA International, to offer companies a complete and efficient marketing service.

DMA Books, already a supplier of leading international publishing groups, now becomes a division of DMA International.

The expansion of the activities will allow both our existing customers and new customers to take advantage of a 360 ° Marketing and Communication service operating in virtually any country of the European Union, from print to video productions. Furthermore, the consolidated relationships with the national and international press allow not only to create advanced and effective communication products but also to spread them all over the world, ensuring our customers the maximum visibility of their brands and products or services.

The greatest advantage for our customers consists in an offer decidedly cost effective, thanks to the in-house presence of all services, from the creative and graphics department, to offset printing machines (large print runs) and Digital (small print runs) to video production with award-winning Directors, Screenwriters and Light and Set Managers.

DMA International becomes a point of reference for all those companies, institutions and businesses wishing to develop Marketing and Communication activities externally, relying on a partner capable to circulate information and news in any nation of the European Union.

DMA International aims to expand its business on the European market, supporting the marketing of small businesses as well as multinationals.

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Love, instructions for use

Love, instructions for use by Lorenzo Altavista


140 Pages
ISBN 9788894315684

Awarded ‘Best Love and Romantic Relationships Book of 2021 in Italy’, Love, instructions for use is the most complete and comprehensive guide dedicated to love and romantic relationships. This is the book that introduces the Dynamic Love Theory, the revolutionary deconstruction-reconstruction process that leads to a change of state. An ideal book for all those who want to understand the secrets of lasting love and how to unlock all the potential in couple happiness. This book reveals step by step how to obtain the best in love and romantic relationships in terms of satisfaction, quality and durability. It explains the phases of Discovery, Romance, Falling in love and Dynamic love and it illustrates the difference with infatuation, seduction, fascination, attachment. You will learn when it is necessary to protect yourself and when it is time to let yourself go. You will discover what is your protective framework and how to pursue and obtain happiness and maximum intensity throughout the romantic relationship. “Released in 2021, written in a plain language, this book is a truly unprecedented milestone in its genre. Welcome to the innovative Dynamic Love Theory.” CulturesMag.


Love, instructions for use

Investigating intimacy
A new approach to romantic relations
Understanding the context, singles and couples
You, the protective framework
The unfolding of love, infatuation and fallingin love
Precursors to falling in love. Fascination and Seduction
Falling in love
The dynamic love theory
Empathy and social influence
The romantic love and time
Barriers to the romantic relationship
Fundamental 18 rules for unhappiness
Signs you are falling in love

High Leadership

From a top leader of our time, a phenomenal step-by-step book, taking you on a journey to transform your business life and accelerate your path to success and full leadership.

High Leadership by William Henry Best

Written by a very well-known business leader of our times (William Henry Best is a pen name), High Leadership gives an incredible insight into Leadership. Since its release this phenomenal book is considered by many as the best book dedicated to Leadership. 

The story behind the publication of this book is exceptional in itself: written some years ago, the book was appreciated as a personal guide by a few top leaders and circulated in very limited private copies. Only in 2020 did the author, one of the most successful business leaders of our times, decide to send the book to print, posing however the condition, in a strictly protected agreement with the publisher, to remain anonymous. 

In the words of the Publisher: ‘High Leadership is a sort of super tool you should always carry at your belt. Anyone wishing to grow in business should carry a copy of this book wherever they go. You don’t get here the usual wise rule for something, you begin to see the essence of it all, that understanding of leadership that eventually will help you make your own rules.”

High Leadership is a must read for all those seeking to understand Leadership and willing to become Leaders.

William Henry Best has the extraordinary ability to sum up university level concepts and researches and deliver them to the world of business and action. High Leadership is absolutely phenomenal in that it covers leadership comprehensively, by giving insights into rarely touched themes and not only the most known aspects of leadership. This book is incredibly practical, direct, true.

– Foreword
– Introduction
– The journey to leadership
– What is leadership
– The approach to leadership
– The sunrise of leadership
– The monolithic ancient leadership
– The insufficient modern leadership
– The High Leader, Wanderlust
– Charisma
– Influence and the ‘change’ factor
– Leadership and communication
– Courage
– Empathy and Emotional intelligence
– Curiosity and Wonder
– Trust
– Humility
– Creativity and Innovation
– Authority
– Endeavor, the art of leadership
– Gender and leadership
– Performance and Empowerment
– The toolbox of leadership
– Crisis leadership
– Green leadership
– The language & vocabulary of leaders
– Quotes on leadership
– The Gin and Tonic principle

This book is good both for young leaders on their way to higher leadership roles who are seeking a confirmation and to understand more about what they are doing and it is good for more experienced leaders who, I am sure, will find here much of themselves.

Innovative, motivating, a true game changer.” 

This book gives you an impressive insight into leadership.

The most comprehensive guide on Leadership I’ve ever read!

William H. Best did an impressive work, this IS the book on Leadership

Leadership is one of the most intense and magical activities a man or a woman can pursue. Read this book and start your journey towards becoming a high leader.