Love, instructions for use

Probably the most complete and comprehensive book dedicated to love and romantic relations.

This is the book by the researcher that discovered and introduced the Dynamic Love Theory.

This book is an exceptional reading for singles and for couples, for freshly established couples and for longtime couples, who want to understand and make the best out of love and romantic relations in terms of satisfaction, quality and durability.

Love, instructions for use by Lorenzo Altavista


Love, instructions for use

Investigating intimacy
A new approach to romantic relations
Understanding the context, singles and couples
You, the protective framework
The unfolding of love, infatuation and fallingin love
Precursors to falling in love. Fascination and Seduction
Falling in love
The dynamic love theory
Empathy and social influence
The romantic love and time
Barriers to the romantic relationship
Fundamental 18 rules for unhappiness
Signs you are falling in love

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