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DMA BOOKS is the outsourced partner for small and large publishers targeting global markets. DMA BOOKS develops books from initial planning to final printed edition ready for bookshelves, at the most competitive conditions on the market.

In these pages some books by international publishers recommended by us.

The Wallenberg Dossier, a novel by Davide Amante

250 Pages
ISBN 9788894315615

 Winner of the Mediolanum ‘Un certain regard’ literary award.

“I was absolutely confident about three facts.
First, Wallenberg was an incredibly seductive man and not just a hero.
Second, there was a part of him – and I don’t know how far-reaching that part might be – that I plainly needed to defend.
Third, I was unconditionally and irremediably in love with him.”

A love without limits that will push a man to risk his life to save the woman he loves, not knowing that many years later that same woman will come back to save his own life. A phenomenal, breathtaking, thriller and love story.

This novel is based on a true story. Disappeared in mysterious circumstances, Wallenberg was an undercover agent who saved thousands of lives. The documents of several international commissions’ inquiries, the CIA papers made available by the Freedom of Information Act, finally give a solution to an unsolved mystery.

High Leadership, a book by William Henry Best

220 Pages

ISBN 9788894315639

Just launched and set to become a global bestseller.

From a top leader of our time, a phenomenal step-by-step book,
taking you on a journey to transform your business life and
accelerate your path to success and full leadership.

This is the best book you will ever read on Leadership. Authored by a famous top business leader, almost all of us know, the text circulated for some years as a private reading for very few top leaders and friends. The author finally decided to publish it and it quite simply pulverized all other books circulating on this theme. 26 chapters, written in a fast and direct style, will open your eyes on Leadership. The definitive book on Leadership.

220 Pages

ISBN 9780385545440

Colson Whitehead brilliantly dramatizes another strand of American history through the story of two boys sentenced to a hellish reform school in Jim Crow – era Florida. One of the best contemporarty American authors and author of the awardwinning The Underground Railroad.

Love, instructions for use. The most complete guide dedicated to Love and Romantic relations.

140 Pages
ISBN 9788894315684

Awarded ‘Best Love and Romantic Relationships Book of 2021 in Italy’, Love, instructions for use is the most complete and comprehensive guide dedicated to love and romantic relationships. This is the book that introduces the Dynamic Love Theory, the revolutionary deconstruction-reconstruction process that leads to a change of state. An ideal book for all those who want to understand the secrets of lasting love and how to unlock all the potential in couple happiness. This book reveals step by step how to obtain the best in love and romantic relationships in terms of satisfaction, quality and durability. It explains the phases of Discovery, Romance, Falling in love and Dynamic love and it illustrates the difference with infatuation, seduction, fascination, attachment. You will learn when it is necessary to protect yourself and when it is time to let yourself go. You will discover what is your protective framework and how to pursue and obtain happiness and maximum intensity throughout the romantic relationship. “Released in 2021, written in a plain language, this book is a truly unprecedented milestone in its genre. Welcome to the innovative Dynamic Love Theory.” CulturesMag.

Il Guardiano delle Stelle – il viaggio di Anais insieme al vento, una favola di Davide Amante

80 Pagine

15 illustrazioni a matita
ISBN 9788894315677

Un bestseller per bambini e adulti, usato anche nelle scuole come esempio di letteratura per i giovani. La storia di una bambina che si reca su un’isola d’estate e, accompagnata dal vento e da un lupo amico, andrà alla scoperta delle emozioni, dell’amicizia, dell’amore e dei valori della vita. Un libro per bambini ma anche per adulti, descritto da tanti come il moderno Piccolo Principe, ma questa volta con una protagonista femminile. Un vero classico delle favole.

Il Dossier Wallenberg, un romanzo di Davide Amante

250 Pagine
ISBN 9788894315622

Vincitore del premio letterario Mediolanum ‘Un certain regard’.

“Ero completamente convinta di tre fatti.
Primo, Wallenberg era un uomo incredibilmente
seducente e non solo un eroe.
Secondo, c’era una parte di lui – e non so quanto potesse
essere vasta quella parte – che avevo chiaramente bisogno
di difendere.
Terzo, ero incondizionatamente e irrimediabilmente
innamorata di lui.”

Un amore senza limiti che spingerà un uomo a rischiare
la vita per salvare la donna che ama, non sapendo che
molti anni più tardi quella stessa donna tornerà per
salvare la vita a lui. Una storia d’amore fenomenale,
un thriller eccezionale.

Questo romanzo è basato su una storia vera.
Scomparso in circostanze misteriose, Wallenberg era un
agente sotto copertura che ha salvato migliaia di vite.
I documenti delle inchieste di molteplici commissioni
internazionali, i documenti della CIA messi a disposizione
con il Freedom of Information Act, finalmente danno la
soluzione a un mistero mai risolto prima.

The Guardian of the Stars – The journey of Anais with the wind

80 Pages
ISBN 9788894315608

The book is a poetic and literary work in the guise of a children’s tale, written by novelist Davide Amante in 2019. It soon became a bestseller and has been awarded ‘Best Children’s Book of the Year 2021’.
While many observers consider this book the first modern competitor to the most famous children’s books such as de Saint Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’ but with a girl as protagonist, ‘The Guardian of the Stars – The Journey of Anais with the Wind’ is not only a masterpiece of modern children’s and young adult literature but is an extremely interesting read for adults in their own right.

Driven by the Wind, by the Forest of Talking Trees, by a Wolf and by her connection with nature, Anais will discover the beauty of the world as she takes a journey across an island. Anais’ journey will lead her to discover the meaning of life, loneliness, her emotions and love.
The story follows a young girl, whose name is Anais, who visits in summertime a deserted island. The girl‘s grandfather is the only resident and lighthouse keeper.
One particular summer the wind comes to the island and blows so strong that Anais, for the first time in her life, discovers the other side of things. The wind will lead the way in the girl’s journey towards the other side of the island to celebrate with all the animals and fishermen the midsummer reunion. During her journey, the girl will meet impressive personalities and discover the essence of living and growing up.